have you ever been to a dog's birthday party? i have.

Monday, December 6, 2010

On Sunday we attended Brooklyn's first Birthday, being thrown by our friends, proud and sheepish parents Scott and Annie.  

Annie's friend Stephanie made this beautiful cake... 

Me: "Wow! Beautiful! Is that for the dogs? Ha ha!"

Stephanie: "Yes. You won't like it. It's not very sweet. It's made with lots of bananas and carob."

Me: "Oh. (long beat.) Cool."

The proud papa.

Party guests Lucky and Cleo on their best behavior.

We all played Pin the Tail on the Brooklyn with actual donkey tails. Well, not ACTUAL donkey tails but you know what I mean. #7 won because Brooklyn doesn't have a tail. Get it?! Awesome, right?

I LOVED this balloon!! It tottered around on its accordion legs.

It was near impossible to take a photo of the Birthday Girl...


She's almost in focus here with her pals...

There she is! That smile kills me!

Time for cake! We brought home a slice for Lena and I think I discovered its secret ingredient: farts.  


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