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Monday, December 13, 2010

She doesn't look very effervescent now, does she? 
I told my brother on Thanksgiving that Veuve Clicquot means "The Widow Clicquot" and that she was a real gal. He was gobsmacked and promptly gave one of the best replies anyone ever gives anything: "Huh." Then we we opened the bottle and you know that little quaff of steamy stuff that floats up right when you pop the cork? He asked if that was the spirit of the dead husband.

My beautiful Mom was visiting this past weekend and we had Super Girly Fun Time that included not only the Veuve (we have a staunch champagne tradition), but this, this, and this (one of my favorite things in the whole world!!) She then headed back home (just 2 hours away) and DP and I went for a hike here:

(photo by Sirsnapsalot)
It was stunning! (We've had psycho 80 degree weather the last few days.) After that, we went to a Holiday party some dear friends were throwing: Latka/Vodka! Imagine 300 potato pancakes and a vodka bar spanning an entire patio. Fun! Sunday I brunched with an old friend here, attended a most special baby shower and then had dinner with some of our closest peeps here. All such good times but I am POOPED today from all the socializing! Gonna go see about crashing on the couch and drinking the last of the dead husband juice. Happy Monday:)


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