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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm a day late but wanted to wish all of you lovely readers the most wonderful Christmas week! DP and I have been spending such lovely time with family all week long and cooking cooking cooking and then eating eating eating. My lord, the food! I hope you are slowing down and remembering to give gifts to yourself, too. I've been following this no-complaining pact all weekend (suggested by Chelsea and Joanna) and it's been a revelation! I consider myself a pretty positive and optimistic person so it's been a bit of a surprise to realize all those little gripes that pop up (even if they're inside my own head). It's challenging me to bite my tongue and change directions or just drop it altogether. It's amazing how most things just fall away so quickly given no spoken word or mental traction. Also, it's making me be nicer to myself since I've added 'no complaining about myself to myself' to the pact. What could be a better Christmas gift? I hope you give the gift of kindness to yourself, too. Merry Christmas! 


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