cone of shame

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poor Lena.  She has a boo-boo and I had break down and take her to the vet yesterday. I was trying to avoid it--not only because one cannot visit the vet without spending the same sum as a dinner for four at Mozza, but I fancy myself somewhat of a pup nurse. I've performed minor surgery on her, pulling small twigs out of her back and plugging up the hole with neosporin or removing a tick (A TICK!!!!) with my good Tweezerman tweezers while David stood by, mouth agape. Alas, this current affliction required a true professional.

After working their magic on said boo-boo, and whisking her away to give her a bunch of shots and random tests back in "the back", Our Pal has to wear this cone for the next couple days. She's a champ but it still breaks my heart (and also makes me have to stifle laughter) every time she scrapes against a wall.

David has a cold so we will keep his germs inside of his own Cone of Shame. What do you think? Also--this way he'll stop licking himself.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Update: A guy already called me this morning: "We have the results back from Lena's fecal test!  She is intestinal-parasite free!!"  Me: "Awesome!"


  1. Good news. My cold went away pretty fast. I only had to wear the cone for two days.

  2. P.P.S. You don't know how desperately we want to receive that phone call...


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