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Monday, December 20, 2010

How stinkin' CUTE are these ornaments?! I bought the kit from alicia's delicious website/blog weeks ago and having finished my Christmas shopping, I've been sewing sewing sewing this past week (which has been perfect in this crazy non-stop-rainy weather we've been having!) I have such fond memories of my mom sitting and making felt ornaments like these when I was small. Of course, they were a lot more 70s in design (one series was a Santa Band--a set of four different Santas each playing their own fabulous sequined instrument!) They're all still on her tree and I LOVE finding them every year and seeing my mom's name and the date on the back. So I was super excited to start making my own. And the fact that these are so beautiful and not hokey-pokey makes me swoon. This pattern calls for making the backs look just like the fronts so they're reversible but I couldn't resist scrawling my 'JoLiE 2010' on the back in crude stitches instead.

What are you up to today? I plan on hunkering down as much as possible and enjoying the rain from inside until I have to go out for an audition later: guess who has a callback for Frosted Mini-Wheats after this happened?  


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