frosted mini-what?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A story from the Commercial-Audition Trenches awaits you on this fine Saturday. I went in this week for a Frosted Mini-Wheats spot. At most commercial auditions, you go in with a group of actors to get an explanation of the "scene" you're about to shoot. This one included a Mom sitting with the little animated Mini-Wheat guy and updating the upcoming calendar of events for her family.......

The Casting Guy running the session went on to explain:

"So, very important: The Mini-Wheat is not your friend. You're not sitting and chatting with him while having coffee. That would be ridiculous. He's more of an ally. A teammate. Ok?"

10 women who look exactly like me nod.

"When you mention Drew's spelling bee, the Mini-Wheat has great ideas about whole grains really supporting him through it."

10 more nods.

"Don't forget to non-verbally acknowledge the Mini-Wheat after his line."

There was a small figurine standing in for eye-line purposes.

"And then your last line is, 'You rock!' You'll say it and then give him a fist bump."

So, mime a fist bump with a tiny Mini-Wheat's stick arm. That's not ridiculous at all.

Welcome to my life.

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