it never rains in southern california

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I took the time to snap some pics yesterday while we had a momentary lull in the week-long downpour.  I actually got a new umbrella which is making me so much more cheerful about the weather. I have no idea why but for YEARS we've been a one-umbrella household and usually that one umbrella is basically inept and requires some form of gymnastics in order to keep the user dry. I mean, it's LA. We hardly ever have rain. And when we do have it, usually a dash from the car into your destination is sufficient. I have a friend who bragged to me the other day that he's been umbrella-free since 1998. So I know I'm not the only weird one.

For a good long stretch we had a small travel umbrella that broke in such a way that I'd have to push my head up into the top (between the spokes) to keep it open. I realize as I write this how ridiculous this sounds (and I'm sure looked) but it seemed like no big deal at the time. It did prove difficult to keep my neck extended at the perfect angle while simultaneously crouching down to pick up dog poop, but I managed to do it. {side-note to Rude Dog-Owners: Just because it's raining does not mean you are exempt from picking up your dog's poop.}

Most recently, we had a J. Crew umbrella that would pop open quite nicely but the bastard just wanted to STAY open. There was no shutting him down. We had to wrestle it to the ground, squeeze it closed against its will and snap the strap around it quick-like. Not unlike hog-tying a...well, hog.  

So now I am in new-umbrella heaven!! It snap-pops open perfectly and pulls shut just like a new umbrella should. And I couldn't be happier. Although the irony was not lost on me earlier today: I was using my fancy umbrella to keep me dry after becoming soaking wet in a spinning class.

Happy Tuesday!!

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