lena pagani

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We rescued Lena ten years ago and after a short period of adjustment (i.e., wearily trolling the floors of our apartment in circles all night long, growling at anyone other than us who entered, and eating half our couch in the span of one afternoon while left alone) she's been awesome. And maybe it was having an instant adult dog from the get-go and not starting with a little puppy, but I felt so weird being naked in front of her.  Like she was staring at me. Doesn't it seem like it would be easier to be naked in front of a puppy? I digress.

Now she is Our Pal. And aside from the hair avalanche that ensues ten months of the year, she is the perfect roommate.  She has very civilized manners and knows a number of impressive words. 

Her most favorite?  


Hope you have a great Sunday...


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