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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How can you stand it??
For as long as I can remember, DP has LOVED The Hulk. Well, pretty much all comic book heroes. I just love that about him. I think it started when he was little and loved drawing and reading comics and then when his mom sewed him a Superman cape at age seven, that sealed the deal. We're not generally Halloween-dress-up kind of people but this year, for nephew Logan's Halloween party, we decided to go all out. I just love DP for this since he's not the most comfy guy in the spotlight (and how could you be more IN the spotlight when you're GREEN?!)  Love you, D:)


  1. Thanks Chicken. Welcome to Blogger.

  2. I love thatDavid dressed up! An inner Hulk. I found out a few years back that Bobby (husband) is an inner pirate, he loves Capt'n Hook, so I can relate. Thanks for sharing the love! - HollyB

  3. I love your website Jolie. Beautifully presented with your creative touch!


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