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Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  How was your weekend?  Ours was wonderfully nuts.

Friday night we went with David's Dad and Stepmom to Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica.  Have you been?  It was fantastic.  After reading this article on their website I had to try their burger.  Wow.  It seriously did not disappoint.  We also had some beautiful vegetable dishes--fried cauliflower with breadcrumbs and a tangy beet salad with yogurt and farro.  Delicious.

Saturday morning I made these scones from Smitten Kitchen.  That's twice in two weeks!  I wish I had photographed them the first time around: back then they were darling little uniformly cut rounds.  This time I made swift and functional wedges (see photo above) so as to get them into my mouth as soon as humanly possible.  I know I said this a few days ago but just to reiterate: I added an additional T sugar to the dough and sprinkled vanilla sugar on top before baking and loved the results.  

After said scone-gorging, we headed to an awesome Superhero 4th Birthday Party for our nephew Logan.

That's him in the Batman outfit with the yellow belt:)  There were some professional superheroes on hand (Wonder Woman and Spiderman) leading the festivities.  And the kids' costumes were the best!

There was a meditating ninja:

And a couple of shiny pink tushies:)

Per Logan's request, Uncle Dave resurrected you-know-who...

I'm cracking up as I post this because The Hulk lost a bit of his steam since the last go 'round.  He's less green in the face and a lot more wrinkly from post-Halloween storage.  This is assumably because we were running late that morning--most likely bogged down from all the wine and food the night before and also because it was imperative that I bake SCONES instead of crawling into my Batgirl costume in a timely manner.  After stalling stalling stalling and then rushing rushing rushing to grab everything, we got into the car in full regalia, fully irritated.  Have you ever tried to remain irritable while in a Batgirl costume?  And with someone else painted green and dressed as The Hulk?  It is ridiculous.  And impossible.

This picture shows us many things:

a.) The Hulk apparently wears New Balance.
b.) David's brother Chris should not step foot into West Hollywood in his Robin costume.
c.) Batgirl was the photographer.

Here's to a great week...

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  1. Last Halloween I went as Super Scone. My power? Stuffing people. It's really kind of a work in progress... xoxo-"Kathy"


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