it's snot funny

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blech. David tag-teamed me his cold and it would've been so much better had we just gotten it over with simultaneously. He's emerging from the snot tunnel while I'm just entering. Boo. I thought I was supposed to be Super Human after that cleanse. Alas, no.

I thought I'd share a few work-in-progress snaps of this great herringbone cowl from the purl bee. Isn't it delicious? I wish you could touch it. The yarn is soooo soft yet it's got some heft too. It's the perfect thing to curl around one's chilly neck.

This is my prescription today....

And if that doesn't work, David's lovely mom sent Rice Krispie Treats! They ought to make me better stat.

They were sent in honor of his Birthday but I'm sure she would want me to have the lion's share considering they might make me better...right?

Hope you have a great weekend...

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