some things I learned this past week:

Monday, April 18, 2011

  • If you're feeling depressed, best not to listen to musicals that explore deteriorating mental health.
  • If your husband is excited about putting together an emergency kit and you razz him about it, be prepared for a retort including the words/phrases "you won't be sorry" and "end of the world" and "zombies".
  • Tina Fey's new book is a revelation.
  • Go with your gut: if a recipe calls for 1t crushed red pepper and you feel like it's gonna blow the top of your head off, it probably will.
  • New haircuts you're considering will always look better on celebrities with gorgeous faces.
  • After witnessing this horror, I know I will never, in an attempt to save money, dump out poop from a dog bag to reuse it.
  • It scares others (me) when you run without a bra on.  That shit can't be good.  Tie those puppies down.
  • When you make three dozen cookies, go into it knowing that you will eat a minimum of 14 in a 12-hour period.
  • The notion of administering your own pedicure always sounds great until you're down there.
  • Computer-related wire tangles make my teeth hurt.
  • Sometimes reality television will truly cure what ails you.


  1. Jolie -- OMG. you are so hilarious and awesome. i love this post. it's all so true -- the haircuts & pedicure (been there, tried that). and braless runners terrify me.

  2. Jo, I think you are such a fast learned all those things in a week? Kat


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