Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I dreamt last night that DP was in the hospital for some reason and when I went to visit him, I noticed that he had a CRAZY condition: He was shirtless and everywhere under the uppermost layer of his skin, across his chest and arms and neck were raw bar ingredients. Shrimp-cocktail shrimp with their pink tails, lemon wedges, mussels, clams, oysters on the half-shell. Even little sprigs of parsley. It was like his skin was shrink-wrapped over all of it. In the dream, I was like, "Babe! What is going on with your body?" and he replied tiredly, "Oh. I have a deficiency in [crazy dream language] and an overactive [crazy dream language]." He was so matter-of-fact about it. About having a RAW BAR under his SKIN.  

He said that he had weird dreams too. He dreamt that he was walking by a store and noticed a six foot wooden iguana in the window.  

DP: "I went in to check it out and the window was actually a terrarium. And it turns out the store was actually a bar/restaurant."


DP: "So I just had this feeling that I could save the iguana so I talked to the proprietor."

Me: "What do you mean, save it? I thought it was wooden."

DP: "Turns out it was alive but it was petrified."

Me: "Wait. It was scared?"

DP: "No, like fossilized.  But I had the power to save it, bring it back to life."

Me: "Oh." 

[Long Beat]

Me: "Cool?"

DP: "So pretty soon there was a whole crowd around me, cheering me on."

Me: "Did you bring it to life by allowing it to feed on the fish under your skin?"

And these are actual conversations that happen in our house.  

Happy Wednesday:)

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  1. Could you please ask David to bring some shrimp and his pet iguana to video game night?.. Please?!!


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