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Monday, February 28, 2011

Whew!  It's been a WEEK, y'all. Pilot Season is in full swing. Combine that with the you-know-what and I've been wiped OUT. I had to do an early morning screen-test last Friday with no coffee and that about put me over the edge. But I made it! Turns out adrenaline is nature's caffeine. Unfortunately, it's not really gonna work in my everyday life to audition for 20 executives before breakfast. Maybe I could have David jump out of a closet and scare the crap outta me?  

Anyway...aside from the fact that all the blood in my body is slowly being replaced with hummus and almond milk, I finally feel like my energy is approaching normal. So at long last I bring to you some more pics from our Aspen trip! Sorry for the delay...

We arrived right before a serious storm--it ended up snowing almost three days straight.  This was the view from our condo on the first morning:

Which made for this...!

The skiing was just perfect. We had some days on our own and also attended a 5-day workshop called The Magic of Skiing. It's a beautiful experience and I can't recommend it more! It's taught by Tom Crum, an Aikido master and probable saint, who is one of the most delightful humans on the planet. There's an hour-long session in the morning with meditation and some Qigong, skiing all day with an Aspen Ski School pro, and an hour in the late afternoon talking about how to bring those centering principles you used on the mountain into your life. It's so cool to walk away from those five days a way better skier and a more grounded, present, authentic person.

By night?  Severe eating and drinking.

I took so many bad pictures of dark food. You'll have to just imagine how well we ate:)  

The sun came out for the second half of our week and it was stunning!  The blues and whites...

There are four ski areas in Aspen. The historic downtown is at the base of one. Check out those bumps!

There's great shopping, too. Best place to get cowboy boots, hats and scarves?  Kemo Sabe...

These colors make me so happy!

We stopped in a shoe store to browse when I checked out these gems. I call 'em 'Shoes With a Girl With a Pearl Earring'...

More Aspen faves:

L'osteria, my favorite Italian restaurant! I can't wait to eat here whenever we're in town.

Matsuhisa for incredible sushi.

BB's Kitchen for delicious breakfast and the best crispy roast chicken with root vegetables for dinner.

Paradise Bakery for warm cookies and muffins. In the summer, have ice cream here while listening to string quartets from the music school play out front.  Divine!

Il Mulino for a decadent Italian fine-dining experience.

Cache Cache is delicious all the way around. And fantastic service. Very cool bar too.

Montagna, especially for apres-ski and brunch. They even allow dogs in this high-class joint:)

Johnny Maguire's is a surly hole-in-the-wall but the best deli for sandwiches.

Pitkin County Dry Goods for super fun clothes and jewelry shopping. Great sales seem to be always happening here too.

J. Crew is off-the-chain here! It's some special at-the-mountain store. Seriously good finds you don't see in the regular stores.

Ute Mountaineer for outdoorsy anything.

Pomeroy Sports is the best for ski tunes, rentals and hand-warmers.

Oh!  I almost forgot to show you the awkward family photo on the wall in our condo:

Holy 80s, Batman!

Hope you have a wonderful day...

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  1. love the 80's photo.... this year my sisters and brother and I actually did one of those photos at the top of Snowmass in a pyramid... pretty funny!


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