a case of the anti-coffees

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A coffee from a San Fran trip I'd practically kill for right now.

DP and I are getting ready to commence this cleanse and in preparation, quit coffee yesterday. Needless to say, I've got a severe case of overall malaise. There's some dread thrown in there too for what we are about to embark upon. Yeeks. Wish me luck.

Not helping my malaise? My (usually) sweet cleaning lady, who comes bi-monthly to work her magic, told me today my hair "not look so good" and then hugged me. And then she laughed, told me again and hugged me again. And then she reached around, held my ponytail in front of my face, pointed to the bottom two inches and proclaimed, "dead". And then laughed again and hugged me again.

Thanks, Maria.

I'll bet if I'd had some COFFEE today:

a.) I would've laughed with Maria, said, "I know, right?!" good-naturedly and maybe even hugged her back.
b.) I wouldn't have The Malaise.
c.) I would've been able to think of something clever and funny to write right here.

Instead, I ploy you with pictures of the cutest dogs, courtesy Aspen...

I promise more Aspen stuff soon. Like maybe when I can lift my head without the pounding.



  1. I wish you luck. Any cleanse is hard when you first start. I checked out the site you linked to, sounds expensive. I have done the Elimination Diet by Dax Moy (for free) and 21 Day Sugar Detox ($21) by Diane Sanfilippo of
    I now lead a life of eating clean food and primarily Paleo.

  2. Oh, Maria. Maria, Maria, Maria. I'm gonna tell Bish what she did and he'll write a mean song about her. Just you wait. Maybe he'll call it, "I Just Met a Douche Named, Maria." Sorry about the no coffee, cleanse situation. I'm with you, lady!

  3. I love them all, but would have put that third pup in my pocket and walked away with it.


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