Friday, February 4, 2011

The other night, while our (nerdo) men played video games, Kathleeny and I had a girls' night out. We went to a super-hip Hollywood sushi spot, really for the sushi over the scene and (as usual) we're pretty sure everyone thinks we're a lesbian couple when we go out for a nice dinner together.

We sat at a table next to this GIANT ear photo on the wall and it was imminent that this picture be taken within the first 60 seconds of being seated, despite the looks we got from adjacent tables.

Happy Friday!! Here are some fun things for you to click on...............

I want one of these to make envelopes pretty! Aren't they cool?

For Gloria: the best hair product EVER, and this yummiest multi-purpose balm that you can slather just about anywhere for this especially dry winter.

Peanut butter biscotti--need I say more?

These would be kick ass for a superbowl snack! BTW, go Packers!

I'm almost finished with this book and I need a new one. Any suggestions?

The most fun time suck? This website I just found. I [heart] it!

Have a great weekend:)

P.S.  In the 24 hours that followed this post, I saw these two celebs at Whole Foods, ran into (and hugged) a person I don't know very well from auditions, saw this gal at said swanky sushi spot and almost asked this actress if I knew her from somewhere. Lord.

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