Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Ones,
I come to you from my freezing-ass kitchen/dining room table, fingers numb with chill, with a space heater at my feet. I'm currently wondering what I was thinking when I decided to get a metal computer.  METAL? BRR. (<--------BTW, my spell check wanted me to change BRRRRRRRR to BRR. Is there really an official way to spell "BRR"? Obviously it doesn't know how fricking cold it is in here. Or that I can say "fricking" if I want to.)

After being out of town for the weekend, we arrived home yesterday evening to find our heater broken and our house as cold as the polar tundra. Not only that, but it was blowing cold air into our house. And we couldn't make it stop. Yup.

Thank the LORD the Heating Man is coming this morning! Hooray! Especially since the thermostat reads 49.

You should see the getup I'm wearing for him (and you know i favor odd get-ups in the mornings). I have around six layers on, including several of my own hand-knit items. And every knitter knows the #1 Cardinal Rule of Wearing Your Own Hand Knit Items: only wear one at a time. So I'm breaking the rules, people. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe he'll give me a discount, feeling sorry for the Crazy Lady that has this hat on. But with a giant pompom on top and in bright orange.

And, speaking of hand-knit items, I'm suddenly super inspired to knit this. Isn't is luscious? I will raid my stash and get back to you on that one.

On a warmer and lovelier note, last night I attended a most special soiree celebrating the premiere of my dear friend Kathleen's new Showtime show, EPISODES! I wish I had pics to show you from our sweet party but my fingers were still fricking numb and the light was crappy so I refrained. The show is so funny and good! And she shines!! She plays Carol, a crazy TV-network executive. Please watch it!  Here's a peek:

I think you may be able to go here and watch the premiere in full. Let's hope.

We went to Tim and Paula's (toasty) house and celebrated her over Paula's champagne punch and chicken pot pie. I promise I'll get my mitts on her (yummy beyond belief) recipe for you.

I wish you the warmest Monday! Literally and figuratively!


{photo by DaveKav)

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  1. I'll tell ya' one thing - that Paula sounds like an absolute delight!


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