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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello and Good Morning, you lovely people:)

I spent some time this past weekend looking through pictures, reflecting upon the past year, and wishing I had started this blog earlier to create some show-and-tell as 2010 unfolded. So! I thought I'd look back and share a few tidbits over the next week. It'll be like having a recap of something you never heard about in the first place. Fun!

A year ago this week, DP and I vacationed in Zihuatanejo, Mexico at this resort. We tend to visit the same places over and over again (San Diego? Palm Springs, anyone?) so it felt like a Big Deal to venture somewhere neither of us had ever been. It started out pretty great: strong margaritas, a room upgrade, gorgeous sandy beaches...


You'd never know it from these photos, but rain clouds rolled in on the morning of our second day and save a couple cruel and taunting 15-minute increments of sun, didn't leave until the day before our departure (when we took said photos). We thankfully had strong margaritas, a room upgrade, a couple of good books...


A day into the deluge we made our way to the bar to start drinking early (we'll make the best of it, right?) and decided to play a couple rounds of backgammon (they had permanent, built-in game boards tiled into the bar). Something bad happened when I saddled myself onto a bar stool: My back spasmed and I couldn't move without stabbing pain. So DP helped me hobble back to our sexy room, got me flat on my back (and not in the fun way), and ordered ice from the front desk. We watched the rain fall outside into our unused, upgraded, private dipping pool on our unused, upgraded, private patio.


We spent the next couple of days either room-bound or with DP helping The Gimp stagger out to sit under a thatched umbrella for a change of scenery while it rained.  

Did I mention the margaritas were strong?  That helped.

Our last night there it was (miraculously) clear so we opted to eat dinner outside at a table right on the sand.  It was stunning. They had a smattering of tables with tablecloths and we were pretty much the only people on the beach. The resort was pretty empty (hence the room upgrade) and that added to the cool remote feeling. To sit there with each other under the stars, eating by candlelight and tiki torches, listening to the ocean lapping...that was awesome. And the highlight of the trip. 

On the dessert menu that night one of the choices was: "Nuts Ice Cream". (Ah, the charms of reading an English menu in a foreign country. It's one of my favorite things in the world.) DP and I have always said, "I'm nuts about ya" to each other and now?

"I'm Nuts Ice Cream about ya."

Hey, BTW, thanks for reading this. I'm having more fun than I ever thought I would creating this blog and I appreciate anyone from the bottom of my heart who takes the time to read it. I'm Nuts Ice Cream about you readers!

P.S.  Isn't my husband hot?

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  1. Love the pics, lady! And just as a heads up, my favorite ice cream flavor is, Nuts to You. Weird, right?



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