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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This past June we attended the wedding of our dear friends Susan and Tim. How often do you get to be at a wedding in the middle of green green summer Wisconsin?   

We stayed at a lovely inn called The Creamery that used to be a (wait for it...) real, live creamery!

Check out the old milk bottles and butter boxes...

They had the sweetest planters all around the property sporting perky lettuce...

The beautiful ceremony and reception took place in an enchanted barn!  The drive there was so green it hurt my eyes...

Isn't it so cute?

We arrived early to find the bride doing this pre-ceremony...

They served Wisconsin's own Spotted Cow beer in mason jars!

After The Most Special Ceremony Ever (I cried my eyes out), people spilled out onto the green from the back of the barn...

What's a wedding without a baby in a tie?  This face slays me:

Red Velvet!

This has been my go-to dress for summer weddings for the last few years--it's comfortable, travels well without getting wrinkly and I love the color--but I may need to rethink that. At the reception, while I sipped champagne nearby, DP was approached by the groom's father who was slyly trying to tell him he didn't think women should be drinking while, you know, nudge nudge. He looked over at my belly disapprovingly. That's when DP caught on. Learning I was not with child, the poor man sheepishly extricated himself from our presence. Thanks for nothing, empire waist: 

The barn was so twinkly and pretty as the sun set...

 Congratulations Susan and Tim!  You're still newlyweds, you know.  Love you!


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  1. mom of baby-in-a-tie here: I'm dying! Thanks for sharing such a great picture of Tommy!


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