more RC craziness: Doggy Style

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Monday Morning to you!
#7-----------------------------------------------------> Doggy Style

I also uploaded a more high-res version of #6, Tanglewood.

For links to all the episodes, check out the right side of the blog:)

Hope you have a lovely day,

some things I learned this past week, volume 3:

Friday, August 26, 2011

  • Only in LA will you see a Goodwill employee taking your donations while donning Marc Jacobs sunglasses.
  • You know you're watching too much Gordon Ramsay when you walk around all day saying, "F*@k me, yeah?" 
  • A bandeau top is the best invention ever until the elastic gets sleepy and one of your boobs pops out, unattended.
  • Whatever you do, don't use baby powder in leu of dry shampoo.  Especially on your temples or you'll look like a child actor playing the grandpa in the school play.
  • If you see the image of an indian chief (complete with peace pipe and headdress) in the ceiling's stucco during the lay-flay-on-your-back part of your workout class, you're probably not paying enough attention to your workout class.
  • Try to get yourself a seat between Miss Universe and one of America's Next Top Models at the nail salon.  It's a real confidence boost.

Happy Friday:)

P.S.  Picture was taken in Venice on Abbot Kinney...isn't the face cool?

more RC craziness: Tanglewood

Monday, August 22, 2011

Good morning, lovelies!  For your viewing pleasure:





fun with demons

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I had a NUTSO (and awesome) audition last week for a new fall TV show that required my character undergo a demon possession.  I love these kinds of auditions because you can't draw from life experience or sense memory to get you there-it's pure imagination and play.  Plus, it's ridonkulous.

In the scene my character has been in a catatonic state for 15 years and is just now coming to.  She's "normal" for half the scene and then a demon enters her body and she attacks.  But before the demon fully takes over, she warns the other person in the scene: "Run....before I kill you!"  Shortly thereafter the script says:

She lunges.  All demon.  

Aw, yeah.

My good friend and audition-rehearsal buddy Eyal and I were trying to work out that lunging moment (he thought it would be awesome if I lunged past frame of the camera at the actual audition) and so we shot that snippet of the scene in my living room as a test.  It is marginally bad acting, but it cracks me UP every time I watch it because I am thisclose to laughing.  This is how a professional works out the kinks, people.  You're getting a true behind-the-scenes window in!

Click here:
Demon Possession Rehearsal


kale to the chief (boo)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was walking Lena in my 'hood this morning and noticed that a handful of my neighbors are stockpiling city-issued garbage bins. Isn't it ironic that a hoarder who hoards trash cans needs to throw away a lot of stuff? Think about that one.

I am hoarding kale.

I've been so into kale of late and I know I'm not alone. I did a grilled kale post on the blog recently but I think I like this roasting method even better. We've been eating these kale chips like potato chips over here. They are fantastic as a cocktail accompaniment. Or as a potato chip accompaniment.

Spicy Kale Chips

This method produces some super crispy pieces and some crunchy/wilty pieces. I really like the variety of texture but if you want all crispy, use two baking sheets and make sure the kale is in a single layer.

One bunch kale (any variety)
About 1T olive oil
Good sea salt
Crushed red pepper (optional)

Preheat oven to 375. Wash and de-rib the kale and then tear the leaves into large pieces. Toss on a baking sheet with about 1T olive oil (just eyeball it as you drizzle), sprinkle with salt and red pepper to taste. Roast for 7 minutes, toss, and then stick it back into the oven for another 5 minutes. Season more if needed. Eat immediately. As if you could wait. Another option? Sprinkle with Old Bay. So good.

Happy Wednesday:)

more RC craziness: Rock Steady

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday!

This week:

Rock Steady

In case you missed the rest of the shenanigans:

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aspen rocks

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'd never rock-climbed before, nor had I a severe desire to do so, but while we were in Aspen, our awesome friend Vance offered to take us and give us a crash course. It was so cool! I'm hooked!

Here's me, looking super hot, learning the ropes (literally)...

I wasn't at all nervous until I got a couple steps up and then it was CRAZY how much adrenaline was coursing through my body. Even though logically I knew I was safe, my body was in total survival mode. It was such an amazing lesson in being exactly in the moment and doing one. thing. at. a. time. When you're on that rock the present moment demands ALL of your attention. I loved that concentration of focus.

Also, Vance brought me some special shoes to wear and they had the stickiest bottoms! He kept telling me to have faith in my shoes--they knew what to do.

I made it to the top! Twice!

David was a natural!

Thanks, Vance:)

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!
Here's to being in this now moment,

more RC craziness: Alternative Heeling

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Runyon Canyon Monday!  Yahoo!  For today's installment:

Alternative Heeling

Hope you have the best day:)

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oh, nuts!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How cool is this bracelet? And the fact that you can make it yourself from materials found at the hardware store? Genius!  

Be prepared: when you ask the older proprietor of said hardware store where to find brass hex-nuts he most likely will ask you, "What is the size of the bolt?" and you'll say, "Um...small...ish...?" and he'll look at you like you're an insane person and ask you again, "What is the size of the bolt? Do you have it with you?" and you'll say sheepishly, "It's for a jewelry project" but he won't hear that. He'll just shake his head quizzically and with disappointment and point to aisle 13.  

Do not be dismayed! This piece of jewelry is worth Hardware Store Humiliation.

Here's what you need...........twine (I picked happy orange over white):

Brass hex-nuts:

Add a little bit of voila!

All you need to know can be found in this awesome tutorial from Honestly...WTF.

Happy Weekend, Lovely People:)

mountain meadows

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This post is dedicated to my meadow-loving friend Alicia:) I loved her meadow post this past week and it kept coming to mind when I took this hike. I've spent some time in Aspen this summer (I love it here so much!) so a bunch of nature photos will be coming your way over the next little while (amongst food fun and Runyon Canyon shenanigans)...

My eyes cannot get enough of being inside an aspen grove...

These darling little droopy wildflower gals are called Mule's Ear...

The view from the top! We hightailed it down when we saw that storm coming over the mountains...

Hope you have a lovely day...

more RC craziness: Par for the Kour

Monday, August 1, 2011

For a Monday morning giggle, the third RC installment!

Par for the Kour


P.S.  Parts 1 and 2
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