things I've said at auditions this year:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"My son is completely gay! He has been since birth!"

"It's a large particle collider. We fire photons from one end of this 18-mile track to the other. The photons bounce off one another. The energy renders what's called a regressive effect."

"...I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to grab a microphone and shout out to the world: 'MY HUSBAND LIKES TO WEAR MY PANTIES!'"

"So much for keepin' things low key. Speakin' of which, a gang of gunfighters just rode into town.  They're holed up at the saloon."

"In 1984 they'll find an inoperable tumor on my mother's spine and she'll be dead within 8 weeks."

"Patrick Ewing, do not dunk that baby."
"Do not dunk the baby, Patrick."
"Do not dunk my baby."

"Do you know what happens to old people with broken hips? They die."

"You're hurting. You need love. I want to heal you. I want to heal you so bad. I want to heal you in half."

"I've never met a maid who didn't have an accent."

"You screwed another woman behind my back?! Snuck around for God knows how many years! How could you do this to me? To the kids?! You asshole!"

"What if I told you, this woman has told me, your husband told her, he wanted to be plastinated doing the Lambada?"

"What? You both like music. Your dad and I bonded over a petri dish of mold in the university lab."


P.S.  Thanks, writers!

scenes from an office building

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saw this while I was leaving the DEPARTMENT of UH.


P.S. Happy Thursday:)

DP's birthday coffee crawl

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yesterday was my love's Birthday and we set out for celebration cappuccinos. While we were enjoying them, I remembered another cute new café I wanted to show him so on a whim, we decided to drive there.  What started as a quick coffee outing turned into a 2 hour café "crawl" for Birthday treats.  It was so fun!:

Stop #1...............................

coffee-cake muffin

Stop #2...........................

Birthday quiche

Stop #3........................

Big Sugar Bakeshop

Double coconut cupcake finale!

I think we found a new Birthday tradition.

Happy Birthday, Darling.
So glad you were born.


P.S. All three of these joints are super-cute and delicious.  Definitely worth visiting if you are in LA.

cool stuff vol. 9

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday, lovely people!

I snapped this shot last weekend en route to my carb fest in San Diego. You can see a tiny tiny tiny stripe of ocean in a couple spots if you look to the other side of that field.  It was so blustery. I love how wild and wispy the clouds were.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...............................................................

Grandad is reluctant yet committed when he sings The Pig Song.

Make your own crepe paper flowers!

Alicia has a beautiful new cross stitch sampler kit for sale:)

If you can't get enough Downton Abbey (like me) you'll love these.

Just in time for the new season's arrival, Mad Men cocktails.

I wanna know who lives here.

Love the notion and look of these natural easter egg dyes.

This tote is so springy, no?

Connie Britton rocks my world!! (Courtesy Mary-Heather:))


roasted broccolini with chili and lemon

Monday, March 19, 2012

This is a snippet of an actual conversation:

DP: "Wow, our neighbor has some serious junk in her trunk."

Me: "Wow, honey. That's not very nice."

DP: "No. Seriously. Have you seen her get out of her car?"

Me, thinking of the size of my own ass and how much I've been sitting on it lately: "Honey!"

DP: "She must get really low gas milage."

Me: {horrified stare}

DP, cracking up and finally getting why I'm horrified: "No! I saw her standing in the driveway the other day with her trunk open and it was crammed full of so much stuff. It was shocking. Who stashes that much junk in their trunk?"

I'm sure I stashed some additional (figurative) junk in my trunk this past weekend. Some serious carbs were involved. And not just carbs. Carbs made with LOTS of sugar and butter. And then topped with more sugar and butter. We drove down to San Diego and stopped to have pancakes at Claire's in Solana Beach. Holy COW. If you've never had these, they are worth abandoning any low fat/gluten-free/carb-free/sugar-free regime you are trying to hold down. They have several varieties but the multigrain ones are insane. Kinda toothy because there are oats in there, but yet super fluffy--with just the tiniest hint of salt. And as if experiencing The Best Pancakes You've Ever Had in Your Entire Life wasn't enough, they bring you a pair of BUTTER COOKIES TOPPED WITH SPRINKLES as a little morsel with the check. Essentially a dessert after your pancakes. I couldn't possibly, you think and then you try just one bite (because after all they were complementary and you don't wanna be a rude ingrate) and then you find yourself trying to snarf the second one before your husband gets back from the restroom so you don't have to share.

The pancakes (and butter cookies) were merely a gateway drug for the rest of the weekend's indiscretion. I guess once the floodgates are opened you might as well get it all in, right? I think pizza happened and also a quesadilla (with bacon) and a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head. But I only had one. One cookie the size of my head. That's it.

Did I mention I'm not that great at moderation?

So. In an attempt at taking a little better care of my body, I'm turning over a new leaf with something green.

Who's with me??

Roasted Broccolini with Chili and Lemon
serves 4

2 bunches broccolini
1T olive oil (more if desired)
sea salt (and ideally some additional fleur de sel for finishing)
dried chili flakes (to taste)
zest and squeeze of one lemon

Preheat oven to 400. Wash and trim broccolini. Pat dry a little. Spread out in a single layer on two rimmed baking sheets. (You want the dry heat to circulate around each piece otherwise the moisture from the veg will cause steaming.) Drizzle the olive oil and sprinkle with the salt and chili flakes. Toss with your hands until evenly coated. Roast for 15-20 minutes until crispy and charred in spots and cooked through. Out of the oven, sprinkle the lemon zest and toss. Add more salt and a squeeze of lemon to taste*.

*Optional delicious additions include Parmesan cheese and/or garlic. Or bacon. Or butter cookies.


P.S. While I eat broccoli I'm gonna work on recreating that pancake recipe.

pier stroll

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DP and I spent this past weekend in San Luis Obispo at the SLO International Film Festival where Blind, the short film I shot last year was screening. Aside from traveling with my fellow filmmakers (the most lovely people) and seeing the movie on a big giant screen (thrilling!), a highlight of the trip was strolling on the Avila Beach Pier*...

*Not pictured is the post-walk ice cream cone binge.

Happy Tuesday:)
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