some things I learned this past week, volume 3:

Friday, August 26, 2011

  • Only in LA will you see a Goodwill employee taking your donations while donning Marc Jacobs sunglasses.
  • You know you're watching too much Gordon Ramsay when you walk around all day saying, "F*@k me, yeah?" 
  • A bandeau top is the best invention ever until the elastic gets sleepy and one of your boobs pops out, unattended.
  • Whatever you do, don't use baby powder in leu of dry shampoo.  Especially on your temples or you'll look like a child actor playing the grandpa in the school play.
  • If you see the image of an indian chief (complete with peace pipe and headdress) in the ceiling's stucco during the lay-flay-on-your-back part of your workout class, you're probably not paying enough attention to your workout class.
  • Try to get yourself a seat between Miss Universe and one of America's Next Top Models at the nail salon.  It's a real confidence boost.

Happy Friday:)

P.S.  Picture was taken in Venice on Abbot Kinney...isn't the face cool?

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