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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How cool is this bracelet? And the fact that you can make it yourself from materials found at the hardware store? Genius!  

Be prepared: when you ask the older proprietor of said hardware store where to find brass hex-nuts he most likely will ask you, "What is the size of the bolt?" and you'll say, "Um...small...ish...?" and he'll look at you like you're an insane person and ask you again, "What is the size of the bolt? Do you have it with you?" and you'll say sheepishly, "It's for a jewelry project" but he won't hear that. He'll just shake his head quizzically and with disappointment and point to aisle 13.  

Do not be dismayed! This piece of jewelry is worth Hardware Store Humiliation.

Here's what you need...........twine (I picked happy orange over white):

Brass hex-nuts:

Add a little bit of voila!

All you need to know can be found in this awesome tutorial from Honestly...WTF.

Happy Weekend, Lovely People:)

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  1. I LOVE this! I am totally going to try this w/ my sister this week. Thanks Jolie! :) xoxo


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