my weekend (in numbers and photos)...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls' nights: 1
Minutes at Girls' night discussing waxing, laser treatments and/or bloating: 20
Minutes at Girls' night laughing: 120
Heirloom tomatoes eaten on Friday: 2

Dishes prepared by me for Saturday night's dinner party extravaganza: 6
Sticks of butter hidden in dessert: 2.75
Dog hair vacuumed pre-party: 3 bushels (how do you measure quantities of dog hair?)
Frantic last minute trips to replace grill's empty propane tank: 1
Number of carmelized fennel, olive and gruyere pizzas grilled: 3
Number of carmelized fennel, olive and gruyere pizzas burnt to a crisp on the bottom but eaten just the same: 1
Total calories consumed: 10,000,000

Photos taken of entire event: 2
Number of photos of those that were ugly and/or blurry: 2 (see below)
Heirloom tomatoes eaten on Saturday: 2

Hours of robe-wearing, coffee-drinking and paper-reading on Sunday morning: 4
Awesome Movies seen: 1
Yoga classes attended: 1
Heirloom tomatoes eaten on Sunday: 1

Peony stop-n-smell admiration moments: 25
Dog hugs administered: 257
Tennis ball tosses thrown: 5,468,213
Dog walks taken: 5

Loads of laundry done: 0
Heirloom tomatoes left in house: 0

Here's to a great week!


  1. I've got your number, lady, and it's a big fat 1! Deal with it.

  2. Jolie,

    you are brilliant. I feel lucky to get this peak into your life - some of the thoughts you've shared have had such an deep impact on my days. I catch myself thinking about what you've written and I am very touched. thanks for opening up so much of yourself - you are such a gem!

    thank you


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