baby cormac's quilt

Thursday, May 29, 2014

One of my dearest lady friends, Susan, had her first baby last week (!!) and good thing she did since I made her this little quilt specifically for that reason. It's another one of my friend Alicia's from her Olallieberry pattern and I highly recommend it for beginners. I originally tied it a different way and after washing it, most of the ties untied:/ (Dreadful horrors!) So I texted Alicia a picture of the debacle and said WTF did I do wrong? And she wrote me back this longest text asking me if I buried the tail and hid the knot and a bunch of other stuff that sounded like Japanese. So I asked her if she spoke English. And then (because she's amazing), she made me an instructional video of her sewing these cutest embroidery-floss stars. Not only did they work, they look so so so much cuter than my original plan. I have the nicest, most generous crafty friend. You gotta check out her site if you haven't. I love her. (Thanks, Alicia!!!)

I hope you find a way to be creative today, even just a tiny bit.

P.S. My favorite part is picking out the fabric:


  1. I love it, Jolie!! So precious. <3

  2. OMG, I love it! Damn, you are so good at picking out fabric. Those Heather Ross yellow flowers are the sweetest thing ever. And you are too kind! (I just got your text and realized I forgot to pop over -- I'm a space cadet.) I absolutely love the flowers. Now if only I can remember how to do it :). Might have to text you :). Love you girl. xoxox

  3. Love the little stars! Any chance you can give us some pointers? Thanks!


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