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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Guys! Is it too late for a Happy Holidays post? Let's pretend not. Happy Holidays!

I'm currently suffering from a severe case of the In-Between-Christmas-and-New-Year's lazies. Just now? Instead of getting up to grab my glasses three feet away (I wear glasses now thanks), I just squinted through several Buzzfeed "articles", a J.Crew online sale purchase and more Facebook scrolling than I care to admit. All while having to pee. It's not helping my condition that I have a cozy, sleeping dog next to me on the couch. She hasn't budged in 12 hours. Safe to say this affliction is contagious.

How was your Christmas (if Christmas is your jam)? Ours was spent at my mom's in San Diego where I ate my body weight in pork products. In my defense, we did take a few walks and I'm sure I burned a handful of calories lifting and glazing said pork. I feel like I gleaned some wisdom this year and (if I may be so bold) thought I'd share:

*Don't fight the ham. Just eat it.

*Will your husband remove a long, black dog hair from your face while you're mid-conversation with someone's father-in-law at a random Holiday party? If so, keep him.

*Have another strip of bacon. It's delicious.

*No matter how progressive she is, do not watch the movie DON JON with your mom. Unless watching porn with your mom sounds fun. Then please go ahead.

*Do cook things "for the family" that are really just for you. (things=Rice Krispy Treats)

*Don't be surprised if you find yourself asking your princess-crazed, three-year-old niece if she wants to take off her stole.

*More cheese? Sure!

*If you decide to swap out the Christmas-morning pancakes with gluten-free ones, don't tell your picky brothers.

*If you have a chance to perform a puppet show for your entire family, do it. You'll laugh until you cry. You won't be able to wipe away your tears because you'll have puppets on your hands, but it won't matter.

*Rice Krispy Treats are the second coming. After Jesus of course.

I just decided (it wasn't difficult) that I'm going to continue to do very little this week. Things will speed up soon enough. I hope you are having a super lazy and enjoyable time too. Happy, Happy Holidays, my friends:) I'm grateful for you.


*investigator of bacon-flavored Rice Krispy Treats for next Christmas

P.S. This song is giving me joy right now……..


  1. "Don't fight the ham." My new holiday/life mantra. A happy one to you!

  2. I love this!!! I really needed a "be lazy" affirmation. Thank you, I say from my couch. Thank you. I love you, Jolie!!!


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