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Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's been so busy around here. And as much as I sometimes feel like I'm barely keeping up with it all, I know I thrive when things are spinning a little. I like having different projects in various stages, different facets of me stimulated. The variety is good for me; I like it. This week has been full of auditions of all sorts. I got to play a recovering addict, a mid-western mom, a former stripper, a former TV star, a fiancee to a convicted murderer, a trick-or-treating costume-wearer, and a karaoke singer. Interspersed with all those meetings, I got to play Lena's mom, a teacher to a bunch of awesome young actors, a wife, a hiker, a Pilates-doer, a meditator, a friend, a daughter, a writer, a recipe-tester, a dinner party hostess, a concert-goer*, a cleaning lady, a household manager, an accountant, and a potter. (David and I just enrolled in a pottery class to fill our spare time.)

Oh, and I made a quilt!

My dear friend Liz just had her first baby, a sweet bundle of a little girl named Spencer that I got to visit yesterday. Happy Birthday, Spencer!

This crib-size quilt was made from Alicia's awesome and easy-to-follow pattern (find it here), which I've made several times before. I used some vintage sheets mixed with some new fabrics that have a vintage-y flavor. And instead of machine quilting, I tied it with embroidery floss. There's something so sweet to me about doing it this way. It finishes a little more homey and slouchy and snugglish. Perfect for a new baby, no? And beginners take heed: this pattern is so forgiving--if you're not perfectly squared up everyplace it still comes out looking sweet. Ideal for a non-expert quilter like myself:)

True story: I actually am working on a commercial later today and won't know which role I'm playing until I show up. Ah, showbiz.


*I was lucky enough to see Sara Bareilles in concert this past week and she was amazing. She sang this cover for her encore and I swooned..........<3


  1. I love the stitching on your babyquilt, I`m to lazy to stitch by hand but it`s starting to feel like I should, to become a real quilter. For the same reason I need to do one with hexagons and one log cabin quilt.

  2. Just found your blog today and love it..................I have also been following Alicia's blog for several years..........I am a Blanketeer for Project Linus and love this little quilt. Maybe I can make some between taking care of my husband with cancer and loving on my large family of 3 kids, 15 grands and 1 great-grand. Have a blessed day!


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