for crying out loud

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The other day I sat at the nail place while I waited for my pedicure to dry and surveyed the room. There was a vast buffet of feminine variety: young, old, middle-aged, frumpy, punk, goth, conservative, skinny, chubby, Black, White, Asian, Indian. I saw mothers, grandmothers, tourists, teens, strippers. All so different and yet beyond the external packaging, all just versions of God. Hanging out together getting pedicures. It was so profound to me in that moment I cried.

Did I mention I'm pre-menstrual?

As soon as I started crying, I started laughing at myself for crying. And then I realized I was the only laughing/crying version of God in the room so I let it rip. I just laughed/cried for a few minutes before slipping on my flip-flops and sniffling out to the car.

Then I came home and watched this video of a lady doing a choreographed dance routine with her dog. I sat there and smiled so hard that I cried again from all the joy and exuberance and connection between the two of them. Lord.

THEN, I cried my eyes out reading this amazing George Saunders commencement speech about kindness. Holy cow, it's a good one. (If you haven't read it, I highly recommend.)

So I'm pretty sure some Gatorade is in order since I am certain I have no water left in my entire body.

And BTW, I just read that avocado is a great PMS cure. So Gatorade and avocado. Got it.


Avocado Toast

This is not really a recipe, per se, just simply a suggestion: Toast some bread of your choice, smash on some ripe avocado, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt* and a few fresh herbs if you have them on hand (pictured here is my favorite: basil) and you'll have yourself a stand-up snack, an excellent breakfast, or a PMS antidote:)

*or you could just cry a couple tears on there.



  1. love avocado toast :) and yes, i cried my eyes out reading george saunders's speech, too.


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