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Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm being detained in the Toyota Dealership's Customer Lounge for a couple hours while my Prius gets its routine service. Thought I'd give you the play-by-play in a nearly real-time live blogging situation since this customer lounge is rife with people-watching opportunities. To wit:

8:43 am

A fur-clad old lady sleeps on a couch.

A Spanish-speaking woman talks unabashedly loud on a cell phone directly underneath a sign saying, "In consideration of others, please refrain from using your CELL PHONE in the waiting area."

A bespectacled young asian man watches an iPad with one nervous, incessantly twitching leg.

A handsome gal in a head-to-toe bubble-gum pink sweatsuit enters with several full shopping bags and various totes. She situates herself, then leans over and washes her hands by pouring a jug of water over them into a plastic grocery sack on the floor. No one regards this as odd.

A static-y soccer game plays on a giant TV that no one is watching.

9:12 am

Old Lady still sleeps. Her fur looks cozy.

Spanish Cell Phone wraps up her call with a flourish.

Twitchy Leg reaches a twitching crescendo.

Pink Sweatsuit begins clipping coupons and eating dusty nuts out of a loud baggie.

A young woman with superlong fake french tips enters. Beelines for free (stale) doughnuts. Stocks up. Makes her way to a chair and pulls out a giant afghan. It drapes over her entire body and pools at her feet as she begins crocheting its edge. Periodically she crawls out from under it to take a bite of her cruller.

Soccer game ends and slow-cooker infomercial commences.


Old Lady still sleeps.

Spanish Cell Phone receives many dirty looks when she begins a new call.

Pink Sweatsuit scours grocery store circulars and takes copious notes on a legal pad.

French Tips rises to revisit doughnuts. After a long ponder, chooses a jelly-filled.

Twitchy Leg gets the lucky news his car is ready and escapes.

Skinny hipster enters, texting with her keyboard volume on high.

Someone turns the channel so we can all enjoy the 18th hour of The Today Show.

10:13 am

Old Lady may actually be dead.

Spanish Cell Phone gets a call that her car is ready (irony award of the year).

French Tips has doughnut crumbs on her afghan and flicks them off with her talons.

Pink Sweatsuit pulls out a Sherlock-Holmesy magnifying glass to read the fine print on a coupon.

Skinny Hipster clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclicks

The Today Show continues with emaciated fashion experts giving overweight people makeover advice.

10:28 am

Old Lady is eventually roused by a Service Advisor to approve an additional repair. She subsequently resumes slumber.

French Tips and Pink Sweatsuit get released at the same time and their exit produces a flurry of afghan yarn and watery plastic.


Two words: Hoda. Kotb.

10:37 am

I am FREEEEEEE!  Well, they lost my car key so I had to wait an additional half-hour while they rooted around for it, but after that?  I was FREEEEEEE!

Happy Thursday:)

P.S.  Do you guys know where I can pick up the service shuttle?


  1. This was so funny. I'm a people watcher too. Aren't we all amazing and odd and funny and crazy?

  2. Hilarious! I will have to try that the next time I'm stuck. With the keyboard sounds OFF!

  3. Hilarious! Thank you.


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