the most awful conversation i've had more than once

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Annoying Person: "What do you do?"

Me: "I'm an actor."

AP: "You mean an actRESS, right? Ha ha! You're a girl, you know!"

Me: *polite laugh masking irritation* "Yes. Yes, I am a girl."

AP: "What stuff do you do?"

Me, begrudgingly: "Some theatre but mostly television."

AP: "Oh! Wow! What have I seen you in?"

Me: *hems, haws, tries to be humble*

AP: "No, seriously--what SHOWS? Let's hear it!"

Me: "Um...lots of guest stars, mostly."


Me: " a couple episodes on [this noteworthy show that was cancelled] and [this show from forever ago that people seem to have liked]....*sees person expectantly waiting for more*....a handful of pilots that never saw the light of day....*and yet more*....some commercials."

AP, nodding: "I don't ever watch TV."

Me: *stares and blinks*

AP, disdainfully: "I don't even own a TV."

(Kill me.)


{photo from Psych courtesy super-Psych-fans Alicia and Andy}


  1. One thing I love about my CA friends, they *love* TV. No shame. I admit it, I love movies and shows and satellite music, from my TV. My awesome HD Flatscreen, WOOT!! (The better to see Jolie with!)

    Love you! - hb

    PS: get addresses, we can drop a TV by.

  2. i have the EXACT SAME CONVERSATION and it drives me batty.

  3. please oh please just start referring people to your IMDB page ;)

  4. When you hear "You mean an actRESS, right? Ha ha! You're a girl, you know!" your reply should be something like, "Oh my gosh! That explains so much. Thank you." Probably won't have to explain what you have been in after that. :)

    1. FANTASTIC IDEA! Will try it next time:)

  5. or when they say 'i don't even own a tv' point them in the direction of some (obviously fake) charity for the tv-less. Or how about a support group for people without the joy of tv in their life.


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