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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well. I had big blog plans for this weekend. One of which was a key lime pie that photographed horribly. I spent so much time crafting cool pictures along the way and in the end it looked like a pie topped with blobs of spinach dip. I guess I could have called it "Spinach Dip Pie" and devised some new innovative hors d'oeuvre but the lime slices would've given me away. At least it was super tasty and devoured in full at a dinner party last night. (Note to self: FINISH READING BOOK ON FOOD STYLING.)

Secondly, I made some paleo-friendly coconut-flour pancakes that looked like they might be pretty good for carb-free. The recipe came from a blog entitled PALEO PANCAKES. Not just the name of the post--the name of the entire blog is called that so I figured they must be pretty good. They'd be fanfreakingtastic if you'd been consuming only vegetables and protein for months on end. These were pancakes for desperate people. We ate them in the kitchen standing at the stove and took turns rubbing our hands along each other's throats the way you'd help an animal swallow a pill. Despite their sawdust-y mouthfeel they weren't horrible; we did manage to easily finish them all as they made a very good maple-syrup delivery system. The best thing was they made the house smell good. Like a Sunday. 

So since I got nothin' else, I will ply you with a cute picture of Lena Girl.


P.S. If you are one of the pancake desperate (Hi, Norm!!), here's the recipe.


  1. you are hysterical. I love the rubbing each others throats in order to swallow...hahahaha! fantastic!

  2. Linda in WaterlooMay 28, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    A wise dog....with lovely frosting.


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