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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday, lovelies!

It's super rainy out there today and I'm cozy-ing up inside which is the perfect place for me after a long week of work. How are you? Wonderful, I hope. As I work on a kale soup recipe for you this week, I will ply you with funny/cool links:

Pictures can be misleading.

This is the best tooth-extraction idea ever!

This is the sweetest:)

Love these scrabble pillows.

One time a guy told my mom she was the "best dressed lady at Starbucks." She was like, "Thank you?"
Well, this video reminds me of that.

This girl's got some serious bowls! (Via my bro Josh:))

Gullible frat guy seeking advice from lawyer on Craig's List.

Genius interview with a one-year-old.

Hope you have a great day:)

P.S.  The above photo was taken underneath the water tower on the Disney lot in Burbank.

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