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Monday, July 22, 2013

Holy yogurt! I didn't think I could love Pinkberry any more, but after getting to peek inside their Santa Monica headquarters, my crush has been reinvigorated. I want to live inside their office. It's all clean lines, palm-tree views, bamboo surfaces and white walls with bright color accents (and cow paintings!). Not to mention a FROZEN YOGURT MACHINE. I mean, c'mon.

Joeycake* was invited to a food-blogger event to taste some new flavors and try some of their new-ish combos. Did you know that Pinkberry has non-frozen greek yogurt? Me neither. They have these greek yogurt bowls with toppings that were so delicious. My unlikely fave was a savory one with olive oil, chili powder, persian cucumbers and sesame crackers. Crazy good. 

*I love saying this when it's really just me.

And this beauty? This is their new flavor of frozen yogurt launching in September: Butter Pecan, pictured here with bananas and candied pecans. Like frozen banana bread. Super autumnal and decadent.

Another fun thing? I met a couple of lovely and cool ladies, Sara and Mara, who have gorgeous blogs worth checking out (about natural living and fashion, respectively).

The PB folks nicely sent me home with a quart of their greek yogurt (that is available for purchase in PB stores) and it's so smooth--like Fage but creamier and without that gamey quality. I whipped up a batch of JC granola and they are a match made in heaven.

Happy Monday:)

P.S. I'm new to all of this but it's worth saying: there is no pay-for-play on my blog. Anything I talk about here is because I want to and because I feel it may have value to you, too. xo


  1. It was lovely meeting you as well Miss Jolie. Let's do it again on purpose :)

  2. oh my goodness! be still my heart!


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