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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inspirational street art! (I found this about the artist, Morley--hope I see more of his stuff around town now that I'm looking for it.)

And inspirational house art! This person is my hero:

Making time for more heart-shaped cookies and affogato (this one's from Cook's County):

Sneaking out of baby showers to have photo shoots in fancy hotel bathrooms with friends (complete with props):

Watching Lena watch the backyard:

Taking pictures of people looking at pictures:

High-falootin' and super risky car coffee (I like living on the edge):

Plucots (and saying the word 'plucots'):

Hope you're having a great week:)

P.S. Some faves lately:

Just started this book and it's riveting.
Can't wait to try some healthy things from this cookbook.
I know I've talked about mascara before but this one is seriously awesome.
Revisiting this soundtrack and it's giving me so much nostalgic joy:)

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  1. i love these photos - and that quote is so wonderful!


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