Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Mother of All That's Good. I've been SO laid up with the flu this past week. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so sick. On day one of feeling horrible, I read an article online about the amazing capability of the body's immune system and how we shouldn't take any medicine to mask symptoms since all those symptoms are happening for a reason while the body fights a virus. So feeling inspired and determined, I spent the next 48 hours hunkered down in bed shivering and sleeping and moving my throbbing head as little as possible. On day three, I booked a commercial. So I had to paint my face and drag my limp, shivery self to a wardrobe fitting and pretend not to be sick even though my throat was on fire and my voice sounded like a forlorn dragon. I was doing okay until a giant Russian seamstress began fastening a belt around me. She cinched it so tight and when I protested, she said in her low, thick accent, "Is better tight." That's when I started feeling clammy and seeing the sides of the room closing in. I nearly passed out right there (so much for pretending) and had to excuse myself to lie down on a loveseat with a wet paper towel pressed to the back of my neck. As I was lying there recovering, an additional wardrobe girl arrived and she (no joke) wore a shirt that said SICK on the front. I supposed it was meant to be ironic (how the kids say it these days), and not a cruel reminder meant to taunt me.

I survived (barely) and after almost coughing up a lung on the 405, I made it home to knock myself out with all the cold medicine I could find.

(P.S. I took these pictures pre-flu from the top of a friend's building. Wouldn't you rather look at cool pictures from a Hollywood rooftop than my sick bed?)

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