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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year, Dear Readers:)

It's been a slow slide into 2013 for me. Haven't quite been up to the raucous, super-positive THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST YEAR EVER!!! thing. Really trying to just be in the moment. Be present. Witness. Find peace. And trust that the year will unfold in the best possible way without forcing it or pushing it along. Care to join me?

My dear, wise friend Holly says that above all else, we should hold happiness as the intention for our lives. That our mind thinks it knows the external things that will make us happy and when we get fixated on those, we might miss out on some true happiness that's right beneath our nose. It might look different than our minds can imagine. It might just surprise us.

Wishing you happy surprises,


  1. Cheers to happiness!!!! All kinds of surprises and rewards and destinations and experiences. Here's to sweet, beautiful people like you, Jolie; new friends and old ones, special moments and especially... the awareness to know how to fall into happiness. Thanks for the reminder.

    YOU are the gift!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! May good things arrive!


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