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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey there Lovelies,

How are you?  It's super Sundaycozy over here--the hot, late summer we've been having has finally given way to overcast, chilly mornings.  I love it so much it thrills me.  The weather is generally so mild in Los Angeles that the only way to tell the seasons are truly changing is by the cups at Starbucks.  So I'll take all the fall chill I can get!

It's been a bit sparse here lately on Joeycake.  I've got a lot on my plate these days.  One of those things is preparing for an evening of comedic one-act plays raising money for breast cancer research.  It's called SNAPSHOTS and we open this Wednesday, 9/28 for 5 evenings in Hollywood.  It's such a talented and lovely group of actors, writers, directors and producers involved.  If you're in Los Angeles, come out and see it!  You can check out who's involved and find all the information here.  If you do come, please find me after and say hello:)

In the meantime here's some cool stuff for you...............

This ad campaign is fantastic!

Make your own ice cream cones.

Celebrities who look like historical people.

You suck at parking.

Learn how to steal like an artist.

Obama's elf.

I'm halfway through this book and loving it so much.

I know it's a month away but.......spooky Halloween cocktails!

Can not get enough of these two talking dog videos:)

Crazy about these boots for fall!

This is what you look like right now.

Happy weekend!

P.S.  A couple yummy recipes and a new Runyon Canyon vid coming your way this week!

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