Saturday, July 16, 2011

cool stuff, vol. 2

Happy Saturday!  I've been collecting some links for you that I love..........

Holy crap, this cake is amazing.  I can't recommend a better Birthday gift.  Or sugar coma entry point.

My new favorite foundation--like a serum and tinted moisturizer in one.  Genius.

My sweetest one-year-old niece can open an iphone.

Loving this hip-hop embroidery!

I plan on making this grilled corn tonight.

So that's how you do that cool hairline braid thingy.

Make your own body scrub.

Happy Weekend, Lovely Readers.  Have I told you lately I'm so grateful for you?



  1. One thing led to another...

    Very cool, 'newspaper nails'...

  2. Okay, you are the second person to recommend that serum. So I must buy it now.

    The corn is delicious looking. Have you tried Bobby Flay's Mahi Mahi recipe? It's to die for.

    Thanks for all the rad suggestions Jolie!



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