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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm about to tell you a story that makes me look like an idiot. But only because it's one of my favorite stories EVER (even though it's at my expense). Just remember I was young.

I've already told you about moving to NY to sing and dance when I was 19. Well, very shortly after I arrived, I auditioned for a scholarship at one of the big dance studios and got a job working there in exchange for classes. I manned the register and really enjoyed it. It was incredible to people-watch from my behind-the-counter perch. I'd sit there for hours taking in all the dancers and bustle and NYC energy. I loved it.

One day (it was December) there was a HUGE blizzard. The kind of winter event in New York where the subway shuts down and people are literally cross-country skiing in the streets. It was hard to get around (to say the least) but since I only lived two blocks away, I managed to climb a couple of snowbanks and make it to the studio. I got there to find several classes cancelled because their teachers couldn't make it into the city, so I was in charge of giving refunds to the few students who had shown up and already paid. This sweet middle-aged woman came up to the front desk and as I was doing her refund paperwork I couldn't help noticing how familiar she looked. This was odd to me since I had just moved there and knew about 3 people on the entire island of Manhattan.

"Are you from San Diego?" I asked. She smiled. "No. Are you?"

"Yes!  I just moved here," I said.

"Oh, cool." She nodded and had the kindest eyes.

There was a pause while I turned away to staple something. I tried to let it go but it was bugging me. I knew I knew her.

"I'm sorry. You just look SO familiar. Are you an actress?" I asked. "Nope," She said.

I kept staring at her.

"I'm actually a singer."

"Oh, really?! Where?" I pictured her producing self-recordings in her makeshift basement studio and maybe playing the odd coffeehouse.

"On records," she said, smiling again warmly.

"How nice for you!" I said.

I handed her the seven dollars back and as she headed out she asked, "What's your name?"

"Jolie," I said. "Welcome to New York, Jolie." She shook my hand. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Carole King."

She walked out the door and I stood with my mouth agape for a full ten minutes.


P.S. To fully understand how scarred I was by this experience, read this.

P.P.S. How awesome is she???:)

P.P.P.S. Welcome, new subscribers! And Posie readers! I'm so glad and touched so many of you came to visit. (BTW, how delicious is baby Amelia?????!!!)

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  1. Haaaaa! I grew up listening to Carole King!! LOVE HER!!!



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